Thursday, February 6, 2014

Organic Animal Feeding Options

Organic Farming with Natural Animal Feed

Organic farms face a two-pronged problem: ensuring that their livestock is raised without the influence of potentially harmful chemical exposure, and ensuring that the animal feed that they purchase has been through the same rigorous oversight.

On farms across the nation, chickens, pigs, cattle and other animals are fed a diet of antibiotic-laden and GMO grains. In many cases, these grains are not even part of the animal’s natural diet; for example, most U.S. cattle and chicken live on a corn or soy-rich diet, despite their inability to fully digest the popular grains.

Fortunately, the demand for organic food stock has led to a proportional demand for all-natural animal feed, and the supply has risen to meet that demand. Organic alfalfa, grass hay and other natural food sources are readily available; by choosing a provider that you trust, there is no need to depend on chemically “enriched” or pesticide treated livestock feed. Organic also means that the crops are Non GMO. But as with humans, there is more to an organic diet than going on the defensive and learning to avoid potential pitfalls. Organic dieting also means going on the offensive, and taking proactive steps to make better choices that result in better food sources. Among these proactive steps is the incorporation of probiotic options.

Probiotic Livestock Feed Supplements

Probiotics, in the form of a livestock feed supplement, are a wonderful addition to your animals’ diet. Keeping your animals free of harsh antibiotics and pest treatments requires looking to natural solutions for bolstering their immune system and general well-being. The most direct method of accomplishing this through proper nutrition and by encouraging the growth of helpful bacterial colonies that aid in digestion and directly compete with disease-causing microbes.

In addition to including microbial supplements to your livestock’s diet, microbial inoculants like EM-1 can be utilized to control animal odor, sanitize living spaces, and leverage beneficial microbes to keep animals healthy both inside and out.

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